The studio provides the entire bandwidth of services from design concept to realisation for a large number of assignments ranging from corporate design to illustration work.

With an enormous background in magazine layout and editorial design, It’s Great also operates as project management hub during each step of a print or website production – connecting editorial department, layout department, photo production and pre-press.

Corporate Design

As soon as our clients answered the questions “Who are we?”, “What is our aim?” and “Where are we going?” to themselves and us, we start to create their made-to-measure Corporate Design. Within the Corporate Design, we are designing logos and letterheads, forms and folders, brochures and merchandise items, newsletter and customer magazines, business cards and websites, vehicle labeling and signposting, service clothing and everything else that is on our clients’ list, of course.

Editorial Design

Editorial Design, also in connection with all the other offered services could defines our strongest expertise. With long-term experience, different long-range projects, countless visual concepts for both consumer magazines and sales bulletins, we know how editorial design can be surprising, vanguard, clear and understandable.

Web Design

Web Design should be anything but commonplace. We are developing sophisticated concepts, which both inform and inspire and offer structured, individual design to increase brand awareness. Depending on the website’s complexity, we are working with a highly skilled team from our network.


Illustration, art and graffiti build our personal background. For us, there is hardly any surface that cannot be painted on, as well as there is hardly any material that cannot be painted with. From our long-term experience we easily fall back on a network of all kinds of artists.


Photography is more than practice of creating images by recording radiation – either analogue or digital. Photography is can be art and a witness of zeitgeist. Therefore, a creative and thought-out concept is essential. Together with talented and established photographers of our diversified network we are realizing every concept.

Type Design

Typography plays an important role in enhancing the overall look of any web or print design. Individual type design is just as important as unique handwriting, thus we are constantly evolving innovative, creative concepts and typeface styles. According to your individual requirements, we are developing typefaces, headline concepts, logos and signs as well as customized typefaces.


Just as with anything else in life, a concept must be started with a concept. In coordination with our clients’ marketing aims we are developing concepts for their individual graphic design, visuals and further artistic concepts

Art direction

Artistic direction for us is more than just guidance und supervision of a creative process till the result. Leadership skills, capacity for teamwork, boosting everyone’s creativity, experience in production are additional acquirements to maximize the creative outcome within a project


Although printed materials have maintained their position as a medium of choice for many companies in the digital age, the existing innovative area of digital and cross-media is becoming increasingly important. With our well-proven know-how about requirement and its process we offer the conceptual design and the complete production with the media of your choice: paper, cardboard, film, textiles, wood, metal…


We love our clients – fashion, music, sports, lifestyle, f&b, publishers, broadcaster and many more.
Below we’ve shown the list of our most trusted partners and clients.